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TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 14 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 2 3 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 13 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 0 Red Ancienger and MMF Black :iconretahensid:Retahensid 6 3
MMF: Relation Shattered
*Zoe woke up in an abandoned building with the windows boarded up*
Zoe: Hello, anyone here?
X: Zoe?
Zoe: X, where are you?
X: I’m in another room. Judging your range, you’re about close by three rooms away!
*Zoe and X ran to each other to the second room between them.*
Zoe: Oh X. Wherever is here?
X: I don’t know. It looks like it was never in business for a long time and with all this dust and cobweb.
Zoe: Seeing that we’re trapped in a place of mostly wood, we can simply break out.
*Zoe and X tried to break the board off the window, but got electrocuted and fell on their backs.*
X: Of course a prison doesn’t want an escape to be easy.
*a speaker activated with high pitch screech as it annoyed the heroes.*
Speaker: Would the opposite gender dogs in opposite colored spandex, please report to my office, down the hall to your right.
Zoe: Like if we have any choice.
*X walked forward first with Zoe behind him to walk down the hall at their left.*
Speaker: I s
:iconretahensid:Retahensid 2 3
TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 12 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 2 0 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 11 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 7 Bloom Bot :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 0 Sketch Bot :iconretahensid:Retahensid 2 0 Cement Bot :iconretahensid:Retahensid 1 0 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 10 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 0 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 9 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 0 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 8 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 2 2 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 7 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 2 0 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 6 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 0 Rasputin Dr Evil :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 2 TM and TZ vs Giga Savro 5 :iconretahensid:Retahensid 3 3
Most of them are part of a scene I'm working on for my series, TF Transwarp. Others are mostly Power Rangers
  • Reading: Cultural Anthology
  • Watching: Raise the Red Lantern. So far it's a dull film.
  • Playing: Simpsons Tap Out
  • Eating: Egg Sandwich
  • Drinking: Iced Coffee
Yes I know the previous journal was suppose to be my last journal, but I was advised to put up my commission list in the journal. So that would be the last journal you'll see from me, unless I change or add prices. So here's the list of prices for DA Points and onto my paypal.

However, I will no longer accept REQUEST(S) and point commission. I only accept commission, answering my monster hint, collaboration (starting as line-art), and art trade. The timing of when is when they're done. No rush time limit such as done within a week. Reason I'm doing this, because drawing has been more motivated that it's close enough to be an actual job. Plus it helps when it comes to rent, online shopping (rarely), get my own house (too rare that it's impossible in NJ), and other stuff.

The things I don't accept are the following:

No nude
No gore
No porn
No Disney
No Star Wars
No Marvel completely owned
No Muppets
No fart
No pooping
No politian
No existing monarchy
No Pixar
No slashing
No Mr Pickle
No human pickle
No photography (mostly because my Nintendo 3DS doesn't have good quality.)
No bevis
No vibes
No vibes
No bevis
No People that died recently within 5 years ago
No copying other DA actual work exactly without improving
No Strobelights
No Legend of Chamberlengh 
No picture of just Skies.

In Paypal:

$5 for Line-art

$7 for Black and White.

$6 for Monochrome Color

$7 for Complimentary Colors

$8 for Primary or Secondary Colors

$9 for Double Complimentary Colors

$7 for Background 

$10 for Head shot

$15 for Bust shot

$20 for Entire body

$25 for Sequence

$30 for Comic

$50 for Animation

Please E-mail me your commission at (unless I change my e-mail name, somehow).

Fair deal, or not

PS, I do reviews on blogger now. Sorry it's mostly Chinese films due to class, but there'll be more different in the future.

EDIT: For now, until I get my request and point commission list cleared, there will be NO POINT COMMISSION.

EDIT: NO POINT COMMISSION, due to the fact I can't do much with it outside of this site.

EDIT: I'm going to try to invite you all into the Power Rangers Mammoth Mutt Force on Skype. 
We each write part of the episode as long it makes sense. To be part of it, you must follow these rules:

1. You MUST have a Skype.
2. Must read the past episodes of Power Rangers Mammoth Mutt Force to know the characters.
3. Must read other series such as Ancienger and Power Rangers S. G. H for the crossover episodes.
4. Keep it modern PG.
5. It's set on Sonic the Hedgehog's planet of Mobius, so no Earth reference.
6. Write action between two *.
7. No drugs, sex, and gore. Despite monsters blow up into a fiery puff.
8. Anyone who disobey with these rules (and more that may add.) will be kicked out and banned.

Any question?


in reverse
United States
Current Residence: Hell, NJ
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Interests: nekogals, and transformers, not Disney.
Favourite movie: non-buena vista, and spoof movies
Favourite band or musician: anything that Disney didn't used/steal
Favourite genre of music: ye olde classic
Favourite artist: Littlekuriboh
Favourite style of art: Adobe Photoshop
Operating System: Compaq Window Vista
Skin of choice: animated
Favourite game: Super Smash Bros.
Favourite gaming platform: PS2
Favourite cartoon character: Waspinator
Personal Quote: I AM THE 1990s!!
Tools of the Trade: spiked mace

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