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Most of them are part of a scene I'm working on for my series, TF Transwarp. Others are mostly Power Rangers
For majority of my life that I half care,
there was a moment I'm always aware.
what I say that isn't an answer has no weight.
It doesn't matter what I say rather it's love or (sometimes that matters more to internet for a week to month) hate,
we heard or was them all,
and don't care from too many to recall.
So why should it matter if I had anything to say about it when the matter about its existence has been said before,
to the point that it's not new that it's a total bore.

I live in an empty town where we're most likely ill-literate,
in a state where majority of films take place has little praise to rate,
where the primary hobby society has sports, watching sports, drink beer and eat fried.
that's pretty much life if I lied.

All my greatness in my life was the 90's with the TV shows,
so many that I know.
Then 2000's came when it all goes downhill from here,
from TV to society to interest and life became mere.
However, mentioning the past means nothing and just suffer with the present,
and how much lower society will get in the future as we represent, 
especially made worst with this year's presidential election,
as we start losing our rights of right selection.

What I'm getting to is what's the point of me speaking out,
no one wants to read what it's all about.
Even if they did read, they'll to the end to reveal to be a rambling pout,
as this is how I lose so much confidence, interest, and passion while gaining so much doubt.
I don't choose to be a public speaker,
mostly because I hate hearing my voice repeat in the loud-speaker.
I wish I lose my voice,
It wouldn't make much difference in my life, but it's required in my job, so I have no choice. 
As an Artist I'm more active on, while writing on the other hand I don't have much winding,
there's very little business I'm minding.

The point is I'm done announcing a thing on journal,, and facebook.
I'm just going to comment on my artwork that very little pay attention to, and comment(s) to something of value I look.
So no more countdowns, no more celebration, and no more announcing from me.
That's the end for thee.


in reverse
United States
Current Residence: Hell, NJ
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Interests: nekogals, and transformers, not Disney.
Favourite movie: non-buena vista, and spoof movies
Favourite band or musician: anything that Disney didn't used/steal
Favourite genre of music: ye olde classic
Favourite artist: Littlekuriboh
Favourite style of art: Adobe Photoshop
Operating System: Compaq Window Vista
Skin of choice: animated
Favourite game: Super Smash Bros.
Favourite gaming platform: PS2
Favourite cartoon character: Waspinator
Personal Quote: I AM THE 1990s!!
Tools of the Trade: spiked mace

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Gaogolgar Featured By Owner 3 days ago I've a new contest going.
Retahensid Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Can't help you there. I barely play Sly Cooper.
conlimic000 Featured By Owner 3 days ago

did you like some new pics I made?
Retahensid Featured By Owner 3 days ago
You're doing another power rangers team that equals to a zord of a dragon, triceratops, two lion griffins, and a brachiosaur. Which I'm not doing since you still haven't done a Patrolger battle with the monsters ready. Once you have all those battle done, then you get the sixth and additional extra rangers and monsters.

Why based a megazord on a conductor that's not a music based, unless he composed Good Dinosaur?

The rest...meh.
conlimic000 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
check it out! this'll really impress you!:…
Retahensid Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
It's way too small to see to be impressed.
conlimic000 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016
check it out! this you just gotta see!:…
Retahensid Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016
It's just Dino Megazord with a sticker. No point of calling it an angel because sentai, and best not calling it angel since angels equal doom on arrival in film.
Retahensid Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016
Already did one team of Pokemon, I'm not doing another, and not interested with the other thing.
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